The Duke's Double



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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Once Bitten

Once upon a time, beautiful Joanna Sherwood, the Countess of Carew, had been wildly, helplessly in love with Adrian Delacourt, the darkly handsome, devastatingly charming Duke of Roxbury.

That was before she married Adrian. That was before he showed his true colors when he accused her of unfaithfulness and dragged her name through the mud of public scandal. That was before she fled to Italy with Adrian's best friend, Gareth Sherwood, who rescued her from the total ruin of her divorce by making her his wife.

Now Joanna had returned to England as a ravishing young widow--only to find nothing had changed.

Unfair scandal still shrouded her name--and impossible love still burned in her heart....
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