Risa's Rainbow



  • Contemporary


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Risa Vitalis once fancied herself in love with a decent Christian man--but then he remarried his ex-wife. So, trying to smother her pain, Risa launched into life with reckless abandon. While vacationing in Italy her carelessness catches up to her, and she runs into another American--a man she has been trying to avoid for months.

As a Christian, Mike Gerardi doesn't believe in "chance encounters"--he prefers the concept of "divine appointments." Since he keeps running into Risa, Mike decides that God wants to use him to reach her with the gospel.

Risa is uneasy about Mike's work as a pastor, but she can't deny that thoughts of him fill her dreams. Can she overcome her greatest fear--and trust God to keep His promises? What's more, could someone like her be a pastor's wife?
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