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    11 Books (3 Series)
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    October 2016
  • Latest Book:
    November 2017
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Full Series List in Order

Bad Blood Shifters

1 - Bad Blood Bear (May-2017)
2 - Bad Blood Wolf (Jun-2017)
3 - Bad Blood Leopard (Aug-2017)
4 - Bad Blood Panther (Sep-2017)
5 - Bad Blood Alpha (Nov-2017)

Silverlake Shifters

1 - Fugitive Mate (Oct-2016)
2 - White Wolf Mate (Nov-2016)
3 - Tiger Mate (Nov-2016)
4 - Kane (Dec-2016)
5 - Israel (Feb-2017)
6 - Noah (Mar-2017)

Silverlake Enforcers

1 - Kane (Dec-2016)
2 - Israel (Feb-2017)
3 - Noah (Mar-2017)

Book List in Order: 11 titles

  • A Fugitive Mate…Emma Wilkes is on the run from her ex-boyfriend -- with a stolen laptop containing evidence of his crimes. When she meets a hot guy in a truck stop bar, she pretends to be his date, hoping to throw her ex’s hit squad off her trail...

  • A Dangerous Secret…As a half-breed wolf shifter, Sophia has spent her whole life convincing her pack that her tiger side doesn’t exist. Only her adopted father, Nash Jenkins, knows the truth: that it’s a dangerous, out-of-control monster -- a t...

  • A Wolf on the EdgeRafe Connors is losing it, taking crazy risks and starting bar fights just to keep his wolf sane. One rainy night he goes too far, and an angry posse runs him off the road into a ravine. Left for dead, Rafe is rescued by a mysteriou...

  • "Never trust your heart."Kane Colton has lived by those words ever since he escaped from an unholy mating bond that turned him into a monster. Now he only cares about three things: protecting his packmates, watching his blood brother’s back, and ke...

  • “Never get involved with a client.”Hell, Israel Jonas never gets involved with anyone. For years, his wolf was too wild and broken to handle emotional connections. But now that his blood brother has found his true mate, Israel is cut adrift. Taki...

  • Noah Reilly has lost everything.His job as an Enforcer, his place in the world, and his ability to bond with a mate. All he has left is a made-up job with the Nashville wolf pack, tracking down nonexistent rogue shifters in the daytime, and running h...

  • Thanksgiving is coming, and Lissa Ramsey is homeless and alone. On the run from the Bear God cult, she's living rough and staying under the radar. But she can’t outrun the demon bear inside her -- the one planted there by the cult leader. It’s an...

  • By day, Jasmin Wildacre is an out-of-work chef who spends half her time cooking for her crew, and the other half trying to keep them from killing each other over eggnog and murdered inflatable snowmen. But by night, she’s the Demon Queen of the Ama...

  • Sloan McCall is a dead shifter walking. A former Shifter Special Forces operative, he’s been in hiding since his last mission imploded, causing the death of his former love, Kayisha, and leaving his snow leopard irreparably broken. Now his past is ...

  • His former best friend is begging for Xander’s protection.He can’t help her. He can’t even help himself.Ever since he was Turned by his ex-girlfriend, Xander and his panther have been one homicidal rage from having to be put down. Now his only ...

  • Flynn, lion alpha of the Bad Blood Crew, has had enough of fated mates. Every time one of his crew falls in love, a crap-ton of trouble rains down behind them. Besides, he’s…Flynn. Dominant. Uncompromising. Grumpy. Tactless. Hell, he likes things...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anastasia Wilde has published 11 books.

Anastasia Wilde does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Bad Blood Alpha, was published in November 2017.

The first book by Anastasia Wilde, Fugitive Mate, was published in October 2016.

Yes. Anastasia Wilde has 3 series.