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**Previously published as a six-part serial, now the COMPLETE story is in one volume! No cliffhanger!**

Raine Greer has moved to the woods outside the tiny town of Freemont, Washington, to start a new life — but peace and quiet elude her when she discovers her neighbors are the world’s last pack of werewolves. And they’re led by their Alpha, Alec Zachary — tall, dark, gruff, and impossible to resist.

Alec has problems of his own. His pack is a gang of dangerous misfits who have trouble following orders, and one of them is missing. The secrecy of the pack is under threat. Mating with his sexy new brunette neighbor won’t solve anything, but he can't stay away. And then there’s the fact that the full moon is coming, and the entire pack of shifters will turn into killer predators for one deadly night…

In the middle of the biggest crisis in the pack's history, and as enemies come to light, Alec knows that the closer he gets to his mate, the more he puts her in danger. It's not sure who will out alive. Because once a werewolf gets under your skin, he never lets you go...