Mass Extinction Event: Days 9 to 16



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For the first time, the complete second series of Mass Extinction Event is available in one volume, covering days 9 to 16 of the crisis that threatens to destroy all life on the planet.

Following the tragic events of day 8, Elizabeth Marter sets out on an arduous journey across the country. Soon, however, fate conspires to deliver her to a remote farmhouse, where a handful of survivors are struggling to stay alive. As she gets closer to some of her new friends, Elizabeth discovers that others have dark plans, leading to a deadly confrontation and a horrifying discovery.

Meanwhile, Thomas Edgewater struggles desperately to save his brother Joe, but one wrong turn leads him into the clutches of a deranged man who has a long history of kidnapping and killing people who happen to pass close to his home. As he struggles to escape, Thomas must deal with a revelation about the creatures that are swarming across the landscape, while also facing the slow and painful decline of his brother's health.

This volume contains the entire second series, picking up from the end of series one and ending on a cliffhanger. Contains swearing, violence and mild sexual references. Not suitable for children. Total word count is approximately 100,000. The story will continue in the third series, coming in 2014.
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