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Eight Bestselling Authors Come Together To Bring You An Out Of This World Collection…

The two most powerful questions in the universe are "What if" and "Why not." The best-selling and talented authors who contributed to "Take Me To Your Reader" let those questions guide them when they composed these original and never-before-published stories that combine the most exquisite parts of science fiction and romance. Escape to new worlds of adventure, bravery and love.

"The Divided" by Amy Bartol (Premonition Series. 'Under Different Stars')
--> Death divided them. Will she survive his return?

"Monsters of Earth" by Tammy Blackwell (Timberwolves Series)
--> An intergalactic soldier is sent to Earth...

"The House on Maple Street" by Amanda Havard (The Survivors Series and Immersedition)
--> It's always the quiet kid who notices...

"The Force" by Heather Hildenbrand (The Dirty Blood Series. The Imitation Series)
--> Spring Break...extra-terrestrial style!

"Ultra-Con" by Tiffany King (The Saving Angels Series. 'Miss Me Not.' 'No Attachments.'
--> Discover what happens when extra-terrestrial fantasy meets reality.

"Snow Globe" by C.A. Kunz (The Childe Series. 'The Modified.' 'One Tiny Secret.' 'Lucky Number Four' {as Amanda Jason})
--> An alien-meets-girl kind of story.

"The Black Stone Heir" by Sarah M. Ross (The Patronus Series. 'Inhale Exhale.')
--> A dangerous close encounter will thrust them together.

"The Ascendant" by Raine Thomas (Daughters of Saraquel Trilogy. Firstborn Trilogy. 'Meant for Her.' 'For Everly.')
--> A girl destined to rule worlds.

Inspired by the #utopYA2014 writer's conference theme "aliens and outerspace," these eight authors and friends combined their extraordinary talents to help support the conference that was created to support established and aspiring writers, bloggers, designers, and other publishing industry experts. Proceeds from the book will fund utopYA's mission efforts of collaboration, education and inspiration.
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