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*When it comes to love, limits are negotiable.*

Movie star Kat St. James is irresistible to everyone—except the woman she secretly loves, childhood friend Bonita Pritchard. Kat’s come home for a visit, and discovers Bonita has left town to avoid her—for the third summer in a row.

Hurt and angry, Kat heads for Come Again, Bonita’s sex-toy boutique, for clues that will help heal the rift between them. There she encounters Destiny, who gives Kat shocking news. Bonita’s become a sexual submissive.

Destiny also offers Kat a unique opportunity: the chance to learn the fundamentals of power exchange from the experts. Only then will Kat be able to reconnect with the woman she loves. But learning about hard limits pushes her past her own, leaving Kat with an impossible choice. Give up Bonita or give up control?
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