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    September 2006
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    May 2023
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  • Truth and rumour, fantasy and reality, love and prejudice.
    I'm up here, in front of God, the priest, and the congregation listening to





    of every person in front of me, una...

  • Your mother's suicide attempt has left her in a coma from which she's never waking up. You know that she wouldn't want to live like this, but could you really help her die? Here you are, making the hardest decision of your life and there's no one to ...

  • Governor General's Literary Award nominee 2008
    - Children's Literature, Text category

    Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book Award Winner, 2009

    2010 Skipping Stones Honor Award Winner
    - Multicultural and International...

  • Whenever Casey's famous mom went on tour, she took her daughter along. But since settling down with a new husband and baby, things have changed. After years of domestic life, Casey's mom is anxious to go back to her old life--without Casey. Devasta...

  • In a small Ugandan village, Kato wakes early to start the long, barefoot trek beyond his village and along fields dotted with cattle and guarded by soldiers. His destination is the village well, where he will pump a day's supply of water into two jer...

  • In a garden outside a Kenyan schoolhouse, teachers and students are gathering their vegetables for soup. But all Kioni brought today were her troublesome goats. How can they contribute?

    In a garden outside a Kenyan sch...

  • It is time to plant the rice crop in Malini's Sri Lankan community, and the little girl is both excited and nervous to help for the first time. What if she does it wrong? Will she be responsible if the crop fails? When the oxcart rumbles in loaded wi...

  • Nina can't convince her lolo to take her fishing on the old banca boat with him. Lolo's reply is the same as always: "A boat is no place for a girl." When Nina promises to bait her own hook and remove her own catch, her grandfather finally relents, "...

  • Isley loves the ocean and everything in it. Well, almost everything. Her heart sinks at the sight of her Alantic Ocean shoreline covered in trash. One day, upon discovering a beached right whale that has starved to death due to the plastic in its sys...

  • A high-energy novel in verse starring a fifth grader who is almost as devoted to competitive gymnastics as she is to hiding her poor reading skills. What happens when Claire’s secret starts unraveling?Claire is by far the best gymnast on her te...

  • Eight-year-old Izzy Parker’s biggest problem is feeling anxious and afraid. Her mom’s decision to move them across the country to Prince Edward Island didn’t help. Izzy worries she will say the wrong thing or laugh at the wrong time...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Alma Fullerton has published 11 books.

Alma Fullerton does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Journal of Anxious Izzy Parker, was published in May 2023.

The first book by Alma Fullerton, In the Garage, was published in September 2006.

No. Alma Fullerton does not write books in series.