When Allison Leigh learned in 1996 that her first novel, Stay..., had been accepted for publication by Silhouette Books, it was the dream of a lifetime. An avid reader, Allison knew at an early age that she wanted to be a writer, as well.

Until that first book hit the bookshelves in her hometown, she still had some lingering suspicion that she would awaken from this particular dream. But Stay... did make it to the shelves in April 1998 and the dream was a reality.

Book List in Order: 69 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Men of the Double-C Ranch

1) Stay... (Apr-1998)
2) The Rancher and the Redhead (Nov-1998)
3) A Wedding for Maggie (Apr-1999)
4) A Child for Christmas (Dec-1999)
5) Married to a Stranger (Jul-2000)
6) Home on the Ranch (Sep-2004)
7) The Tycoon's Marriage Bid (Sep-2005)
8) Just Friends? (Feb-2007)
9) Sarah And The Sheriff (Apr-2007)
10) Wed In Wyoming (Jun-2007)
11) A Weaver Wedding (Apr-2009)
12) A Weaver Baby (Oct-2009)
13) A Weaver Holiday Homecoming (Dec-2009)
14) The Rancher's Dance (Apr-2011)
15) Courtney's Baby Plan (Aug-2011)
16) A Weaver Proposal (Mar-2012)
17) A Weaver Vow (May-2013)
18) A Weaver Beginning (Oct-2013)
19) A Weaver Christmas Gift (Nov-2014)
20) One Night in Weaver... (Aug-2015)
21) The BFF Bride (Jul-2016)
22) A Child Under His Tree (Nov-2016)
23) Vegas Wedding, Weaver Bride (Aug-2017)
24) Yuletide Baby Bargain (Dec-2017)
25) The Rancher's Christmas Promise (Oct-2018)
26) A Promise to Keep (Mar-2020)
27) Lawfully Unwed (Aug-2020)
28) Something About the Season (Nov-2020)

Return to the Double-C Ranch

1) Just Friends? (Feb-2007)
2) Sarah And The Sheriff (Apr-2007)
3) Wed In Wyoming (Jun-2007)
4) The Rancher's Dance (Apr-2011)
5) Courtney's Baby Plan (Aug-2011)
6) A Weaver Proposal (Mar-2012)
7) A Weaver Vow (May-2013)
8) A Weaver Beginning (Oct-2013)
9) A Weaver Christmas Gift (Nov-2014)
10) One Night in Weaver... (Aug-2015)
11) The BFF Bride (Jul-2016)
12) A Child Under His Tree (Nov-2016)
13) Vegas Wedding, Weaver Bride (Aug-2017)
14) Yuletide Baby Bargain (Dec-2017)
15) Show Me a Hero (Aug-2018)
16) The Rancher's Christmas Promise (Oct-2018)
17) A Promise to Keep (Mar-2020)
18) Lawfully Unwed (Aug-2020)
19) Something About the Season (Nov-2020)
20) The Horse Trainer's Secret (Aug-2021)
21) A Rancher's Touch (Oct-2021)
22) Her Wyoming Valentine Wish (Feb-2022)


1) Hard Choices (Sep-2003)
2) Secretly Married (Feb-2004)

Multi-Author Series List

American Heroes

Show Me a Hero (Aug-2018)

The Baby Chase

6) The Billionaire's Baby Plan (Jun-2010)

Back in Business

The Boss's Christmas Proposal (Dec-2008)

Crown and Glory

2) The Princess and the Duke (May-2002)

Family Business

6) Mergers & Matrimony (Jun-2006)

Fortune's Children

71) Valentine's Fortune (Feb-2009)
76) Fortune's Proposal (Jan-2011)
87) Fortune's Perfect Match (Jun-2012)
88) Her New Year's Fortune (Jan-2013)
99) Fortune's Prince (Jun-2014)
105) Fortune's June Bride (Jun-2015)
106) Fortune's Secret Heir (Jan-2016)
117) Wild West Fortune (Jun-2017)
124) Fortune's Homecoming (Jun-2018)
131) A Fortune's Texas Reunion (Jun-2019)
137) The Texan's Baby Bombshell (Jun-2020)
143) Cowboy in Disguise (Jun-2021)

Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock

2) Valentine's Fortune (Feb-2009)

Fortunes of Texas: Lost and Found

1) Fortune's Proposal (Jan-2011)

Fortunes of Texas: Whirlwind Romance

6) Fortune's Perfect Match (Jun-2012)

Fortunes of Texas: Southern Invasion

1) Her New Year's Fortune (Jan-2013)

Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow

6) Fortune's Prince (Jun-2014)

Fortunes of Texas: Cowboy Country

6) Fortune's June Bride (Jun-2015)

Fortunes of Texas: All Fortunes Children

1) Fortune's Secret Heir (Jan-2016)

Fortunes of Texas: The Secret Fortunes

6) Wild West Fortune (Jun-2017)

Fortunes of Texas: The Rulebreakers

6) Fortune's Homecoming (Jun-2018)

The Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Fortunes

6) A Fortune's Texas Reunion (Jun-2019)

The Fortunes of Texas

Finding Fortune's Secret (Jun-2022)
26) Valentine's Fortune (Feb-2009)
31) Fortune's Proposal (Jan-2011)
42) Fortune's Perfect Match (Jun-2012)
43) Her New Year's Fortune (Jan-2013)
54) Fortune's Prince (Jun-2014)
60) Fortune's June Bride (Jun-2015)
61) Fortune's Secret Heir (Jan-2016)
72) Wild West Fortune (Jun-2017)
79) Fortune's Homecoming (Jun-2018)
86) A Fortune's Texas Reunion (Jun-2019)
92) The Texan's Baby Bombshell (Jun-2020)
98) Cowboy in Disguise (Jun-2021)

The Fortunes of Texas: Rambling Rose

6) The Texan's Baby Bombshell (Jun-2020)

The Fortunes of Texas: The Hotel Fortune

6) Cowboy in Disguise (Jun-2021)

The Fortunes of Texas: The Wedding Gift

6) Finding Fortune's Secret (Jun-2022)

The Hunt for Cinderella

4) The Bride And The Bargain (Feb-2008)
5) Once upon a Proposal (Nov-2010)
11) Once Upon a Valentine (Feb-2014)

Lone Star Country Club

The Mercenary (Jan-2003)

Montana Mavericks

47) Montana Lawman (Oct-2002)
48) Daddy Takes the Cake (Nov-2002)
56) All He Ever Wanted (Feb-2005)
67) A Cowboy Under Her Tree (Dec-2007)

Montana Mavericks: 20 Years in the Saddle

0.5) Destined for the Maverick (Jun-2014)

Montana Mavericks: Striking it Rich

6) A Cowboy Under Her Tree (Dec-2007)

So Many Babies

Millionaire's Instant Baby (Mar-2000)

Stockwells of Texas

Her Unforgettable Fiance (Mar-2001)