The Kill by Allison Brennan
Her worst nightmare brought back to life, she risks everything for a second shot at justice.

For thirty years, FBI scientist Olivia St. Martin has lived with guilt and one abiding certainty -- that while she wasn't able to save her sister's life, she did testify and helped to convict the rapist and killer. When shocking new evidence exonerates the man Olivia is sure she saw abduct her sister, she breaks every rule in the book to uncover the truth.

Driven by the possibility that she put the wrong man behind bars, Olivia discovers that a serial killer has been at large all these years. Believing that the monster has just struck again in Seattle, Olivia leaves her lab and poses as a field agent, sharing her unofficial investigation with a hardworking Seattle cop. Olivia doesn't want to lie to detective Zack Travis. And she certainly doesn't want to fall in love. But as the investigation intensifies, Olivia and Zack find that they're rapidly losing control -- over their hearts, their secrets, and a case that threatens to consume them.
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Olivia St. Martin was only five years old when her world fell apart. Her older sister, Missy, was kidnapped from the park they were playing at one autumn day. Missy never came back. Olivia''''''''s mother eventually commits suicide. Her father becomes a s
*The Kill*, the last book in Allison Brennan's 'The Predator Trilogy' is a well-developed, well-written, intriguing, immensely suspenseful must read for Romantic Suspense lovers. The facets featured in this book include: {1} Zack Travis, a Seattle Homicide Detective who is a dedicated, sexy, driven, caring, protective hero; {2} Olivia "Liv" St. Martin, the director of Trace Evidence and Materials Analysis at the FBI's Virginia-based laboratory who hides her compassion, obsession, and determination behind a façade of ice; {3} an exciting sequence of events driven by police procedural methods in Zack and Olivia's efforts to find and stop a serial killer; {4} a deep emotional connection to the characters in this book and how they deal with the angst present in their lives; {5} a constant awareness of the romance building between Zack and Olivia; {6} a potent degree of spice and heat during the lovemaking scenes; {7} constantly increasing tension and suspense as each chapter ends; {8} villains who inspired hatred, fear and in one case, compassion; and {9} provoking secondary characters that added depth to the story. Brennan is truly gifted when it comes to telling a story about how the good guys win over evil and find their happily ever after by the end of the book.

See Wolf Bear Does Books ( for a more in-depth, detailed review of *The Kill*.
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