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    March 2011
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    April 2018
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  • An unforgettable senior year For reigning popularity queen Hamilton Best, the very idea of graduation is filled with fear. She's always been the star of Fidelity High's most exclusive clique, idolized for her perfection and her fabulous parties -- y...

  • "Would you rather be dead and know it, or alive and not know it?" Scilla Davis is haunted by a horrible accident that she was involved in last summer -- a drunken, reckless joyride that ended in tragedy. With a big trial looming, life seems empty,...

  • Everyone in Shallow Pond knows the Bunting Sisters. Nobody knows their Secrets. Annie is the oldest. The sickly one who gave up on her own life so she could raise her sisters after their parents died. Gracie is the wild child. She wants a man so...

  • One unnamed girl. One cool guy. One sweepstakes-obsessed grandmother. 2400 miles. When Petra Armstrong discovers a glaring error on her birth certificate, she decides it's time to go to Omaha, Nebraska to locate the mother she's never met, but Petra ...

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    A high school clique with a dark secret, a reckless girl trying to survive the worst summer of her life, three orphaned sisters with a mysterious past--the girls in these three YA books are all living life on the edge. Enjoy three full-length, standa...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Alissa Grosso has published 6 books.

Alissa Grosso does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Unnamed Roads, was published in April 2018.

The first book by Alissa Grosso, The Subrosa Semesters, was published in March 2011.

No. Alissa Grosso does not write books in series.