The Unhappiest Lady in Christendom ~~ Alison Weir

The Unhappiest Lady in Christendom by historian Alison Weir is a captivating e-short and companion piece to the third novel in the Six Tudor Queens series, Jane Seymour: The Haunted Queen. I was to be chief mourner - I, for whom Queen Jane had done more than anyone. She could never have filled the shoes of my dear, sainted mother - no one could - but she had done her very best to restore me to my rightful place in my father's affections, and for that I shall always be grateful. Henry VIII's third queen is dead, leaving the King's only son without a mother and the country without a queen. And as preparations are being made for Queen Jane's funeral, her stepdaughter, the Lady Mary, laments the country's loss. But, only a month later, the King has begun his search for a new wife. Will Mary accept this new queen, or will she be forced to live in the shadows of Queen Katherine, Queen Anne Boleyn and Queen Jane for ever? Featuring the first chapter of Jane Seymour: The Haunted Queen. SIX TUDOR QUEENS. SIX NOVELS. SIX YEARS. Full Synopsis
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