Handcuffs for Hannah



  • American West


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Hannah has only ever had her mom, until she dies of cancer. Feeling lost and alone, she searches for her half sister Bella, hoping to form a bond. After finding her, they become good friends and Hannah automatically takes on the role of baby sister. On a road trip with her two best friends Jessica and Alyssa, Bella moves to Coltmann County, Texas, leaving a very sad Hannah behind. Alone once again, Hannah jumps at the chance to start over in Texas with Bella as part owner of Love Song, a store for women only. When she drives to Texas alone, she's pulled over by a very sexy sheriff. Fearful that he might be a criminal in disguise, she runs. Sheriff Reese Preston is shocked when he pulls over a frightened young woman. His reaction to her is immediate and he wants to hold her and protect her. He decides that she might be the woman he and his deputy, Logan Smith, are looking for. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.
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