A Reputation Dies



  • 19th Century


  • England


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With her best friend's new husband suspected of murder, dare a young lady think of love?

Society Scandal!

It was a splendid soiree to start the new social season. The crème de la crème were eyeing new frocks, new romances, and most certainly, the shy new bride of Lord Velmond, last season's most hotly coveted bachelor. Mr. Marmaduke Yarnton, ton tattler and scandalmonger, had been invited to provide amusement. But his tongue wagged once too often. By the end of the ball he was found slain in the cloakroom--and all evidence pointed to the newlywed lord.

But good friends of the Velmonds will offer to clear their good name. Scholar and adventurer Justin Rutherford will dare danger to find the real criminal. And his pert, devilishly witty niece Anthea will volunteer her own special, talents to find the true villain--as well as her heart's most fervent desire, true love.
Lythway Book/Chivers Press (UK) 1989:

Lady Windlesham intends that her soiree, to be held early in the London season of 1816, will be a memorable one. After all, she has secured the presence of Mr Marmaduke Yarnton - notorious scandalmonger and gossip - and the newlyweds Lord and Lady Velmond. But her Ladyship's party is memorable for the very worst of reasons. Her famed guest, Mr Yarnton, who has been suitably malicious all evening, is found murdered, strangled with his own cravat. But who is guilty, and why does the success or the Velmond's marriage depend on unmasking the culprit?

The dashing and clever Justin Rutherford and his lovely niece Anthea join forces to uncover the murderer and the mystery lurking beneath society's glittering veneer.

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