Book List in Order: 60 titles

Complete Series List in Order

The de Wolfes of Esterley Castle

1) Diana: De Wolfe Pack Connected World (Jul-2019)
2) Derek: De Wolfe Pack Connected World (Aug-2019)
3) Thea: De Wolfe Pack Connected World (Sep-2019)

Dukes Done Wrong

1) Discouraging the Duke (Jul-2021)
2) Deflecting the Duke (Aug-2021)
3) Disrupting the Duke (Sep-2021)
4) Delighting the Duke (Oct-2021)

Dukes of Distinction

1) Duke of Renown (Feb-2021)
2) Duke of Charm (Mar-2021)
3) Duke of Disrepute (Apr-2021)
4) Duke of Arrogance (May-2021)
5) Destiny with a Duke (Nov-2021)

Hollywood Name Game

1) Hollywood Heartbreaker (Aug-2020)
2) Hollywood Flirt (Aug-2020)
3) Hollywood Player (Sep-2020)
4) Hollywood Double (Feb-2021)
5) Hollywood Enigma (Feb-2021)

The King's Cousins

1) The Pawn (Feb-2019)
2) The Heir (Feb-2019)
3) The Bastard (Mar-2019)

Knights of Honor

1) Word of Honor (Oct-2016)
2) Marked by Honor (Feb-2017)
3) Code of Honor (Apr-2017)
4) Journey to Honor (Jul-2017)
5) Heart of Honor (Aug-2017)
6) Bold in Honor (Feb-2018)
7) Love and Honor (May-2018)
8) Gift of Honor (Jul-2018)
9) Path to Honor (Sep-2018)
10) Return to Honor (Nov-2018)
11) Season of Honor (May-2019)

Knights of Redemption

1) A Bit of Heaven on Earth (Jan-2022)
2) A Knight for Kallen (Feb-2022)

Lawmen of the West

1) Runaway Hearts (Jun-2021)
2) Blind Faith (Jul-2021)
3) Love and the Lawman (Aug-2021)
4) Ballad Beauty (Sep-2021)

Medieval Runaway Wives

1) Song of the Heart (Aug-2020)
2) A Promise of Tomorrow (Sep-2020)

Sagebrush Brides

1) A Game of Chance (Oct-2021)
2) Written in the Cards (Nov-2021)
3) Outlaw Muse (Dec-2021)

Second Sons of London

1) Educated by the Earl (Mar-2022)
2) Empowered by the Earl (May-2022)

Soldiers and Soulmates

1) To Heal an Earl (Feb-2020)
2) To Tame a Rogue (Mar-2020)
3) To Trust a Duke (Apr-2020)
4) To Save a Love (Jun-2020)
5) To Win a Widow (Jul-2020)

The St. Clairs

1) Devoted to the Duke (Apr-2019)
2) Midnight with the Marquess (May-2019)
3) Embracing the Earl (Jun-2019)
4) Defending the Duke (Oct-2019)
5) Suddenly a St. Clair (Nov-2019)
6) Starlight Night (Jul-2020)