Damaged by Alex Kava
Preparing Pensacola Beach, Florida, for a severe hurricane, the Coast Guard finds an oversized fishing cooler filled with body parts tightly wrapped in plastic floating offshore. Special Agent Maggie O'Dell is sent to investigate, despite the fact that she is putting herself in the projected path of the hurricane. She's able to trace the torso in the cooler back to a man who mysteriously disappeared weeks earlier after a previous storm hit the Atlantic coast of Florida. How did his body end up six hundred miles away in the Gulf of Mexico? Using her signature keen instincts and fearless investigating, O'Dell discovers Florida's seedy underworld and the shady characters who inhabit it. DAMAGED is Alex Kava's most terrifying thriller yet. Full Synopsis
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    Jul-2010 (Hardcover)
    May-2011 (Paperback)
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A Coast Guard helicopter finds what might be a fisherman's cooler bobbing in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Florida coast. Officials thought it might be drugs but were shocked when they found the cooler was full of body parts.

A massive hurricane is heading to the Gulf of Mexico and FBI criminal profiler Maggie O'Dell is asked to help on the case. She must arrive at Pensacola before the storm.

Elsewhere, many soldiers returning from Afghanistan who have lost limbs and been operated on are now coming down with some toxic ailment. A number of the soldiers have died and officials are trying to find the cause.

Undertaker Scot Larson has made an agreement with Joe Black so that Black could accept delivery and provide storage for some human speciments Black would pick up in route to his doctors' conferences.

The stories come together in a nicely written thriller. The imminent arrival of the hurricane adds to the suspense.

Alex Kava has done a professional job. Maggie and Liz Bailey, a Coast Guard dive team member are intelligent, assertive characters who demonstrate excellent problem solving ability.

Some of the puzzles in the novel were a bit too easily resolved and the antagonist was obvious from the early part of the novel. The suspense came from seeing how the person would be caught and how many more victimes he would have before being stopped.

I took this book on vacation and enjoyed it thoroughly.
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