Sight For Sore Eyes



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Tanna Tully, known in Pagan circles as Lady Firefly, encounters people with extraordinary abilities that rival her own: a channel to the end of the world, someone capable of murdering a witch’s magic, and a friend who sees horrors that may or may not exist.

In this collection, curl up with three new Firefly Witch tales of terror, adventure, and dread. “In a Flash,” when a woman claims to shine with the light of God, is she really a portal to some nameless evil? “You’re Never Alone with a Psychic Friend,” where Tanna must unmask someone capable of destroying psychic powers before she becomes the next victim, and “Sight for Sore Eyes” in which an old friend who used to be blind regains her sight, but sees horrible, monstrous things that aren’t there...or are they?
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