Bomber's Moon



  • Contemporary


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The faeries at the bottom of the garden are coming back -- with an army.

When Ben Chaudhry is attacked in his own home by elves, they disappear as quickly as they came. He reaches for the phone book, but what kind of exterminator gets rid of the Fae? Maybe the Paranormal Defense Agency will ride to his rescue.

Sadly, they turn out to be another rare breed: a bunch of UFO hunters led by Chris Gatrell, who -- while distractingly hot -- was forcibly retired from the RAF on grounds of insanity.

Shot down in WWII -- and shot forward seventy years in time, stranded far from his wartime sweetheart -- Chris has been a victim of the elves himself. He fears they could destroy Ben's life as thoroughly as they destroyed his. Chris is more than willing to protect Ben with his body. He never bargained for his heart getting involved.

Just when they think there's a chance to build a life together, a ghostly voice from Chris's past warns that the danger is greater than they can imagine. And it may take more than a team of rank amateurs to keep Ben -- and the world -- out of the elf queen's snatching hands…

Warning: Brace yourself for mystery, suspense, sexual tension, elves in space and a nail-biting cliffhanger ending.
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