Flinx in Flux



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Flinx and his amazing minidrag Pip were always finding themselves in the middle of danger and galactic intrigue, so when they found an unconscious young woman on a riverbank deep in the jungles of Alaspin, Flinx wasn't surprised. Nor was he shocked to learn that the woman, Clarity Held, was a brilliant scientist, abducted from a remote outpost on inhospitable Longtunnel by a group of fanatic assassins.

Flinx could see no harm in returning Clarity to her base before continuing on his way, but he was tired of solving other people's problems. He had his own life to get back to. So he was unprepared for the emotional effect the beautiful Clarity had on him.

But while Flinx fought to deal with his unexpected dilemma, the assassins were still at work. They would do anything to stop the research on Longtunnel and would kill anyone or anything that got in their way...
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