The Krozair Cycle (The Saga Of Dray Prescot Fourth Omnibus)

With this volume of his saga, Dray Prescot is hurled afresh into brand-new adventures on the planet of Kregen, that grim and beautiful, marvelous and terrible world four hundred light-years away beneath the red and green fires of Antares, under the Suns of Scorpio. Kregen is a world too rich in passion and action to allow a fighting man like Dray Prescot to rest for long. Once more, then, he is launched into fresh adventures, but this time there is a hiatus which might easily break a man of lesser fire and spirit than Dray Prescot, Krozair of Zy. This book contains... "Wizard of Scorpio" The Tides of Kregen Renegade of Kregen Krozair of Kregen
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