Northlight / Quiller ~~ Adam Hall

Northlight / Quiller by Adam Hall
QUILLER --The Bureau's top intelligence agent. Quick, deadly, he moves into the world's hot spots at a moment's notice. His mission: get in, get the job done and -- if he can -- get out alive.

Murmansk -- On the eve of a summit meeting between the superpowers, an American nuclear sub is blown to bits in the Barents Sea without warning. Disclaiming responsibility, the Soviets refuse to apologize. Quiller's job: to retrieve the tape that gives absolute proof the sub was attacked and sunk by Soviet arms.
/> But the destruction of the first tape will send Quiller into the frozen depths of Russia in search of a duplicate... into a maze where death waits at every turn, world peace hangs in the balance and the future depends on...
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