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    6 Books (1 Series)
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    April 2013
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    October 2013
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Full Series List in Order

Monstrous Maud

Big Fright (Apr-2013)
Freaky Sleepover (Apr-2013)
School Scare (Apr-2013)
Spooky Sports Day (Apr-2013)

Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • When Maud’s pet rat, Quentin, escapes in the middle of science class, it’s the very last straw. While Primrose Towers is full of decorous young ladies, Maud is ungraceful and prefers her pet rat to all other company She never quite fit in with th...

  • Milly is having her new monster friends over for a sleepover -- the trouble is, her perfect sister is having her human friends over too, in a third terrifyingly terrific tale When Maud's perfect twin sister, Milly plans a sleepover, the...

  • Maud must act monstrously fast to save the school she has grown to love, in her fourth adventure Maud's beloved school for monsters, Rotwood, is facing closure. The young monsters are determined to help, but they end up accidentally terrifyin...

  • In the second book in the fantastic Monstrous Maud series, Rotwood's sports day may be ruined by a spell gone disastrously wrong A miscast spell has created a jungle of man-eating plants across the entire sports pitch at Rotwood Academy, and ...

  • The fifth book in the scarily sensational Monstrous Maud series Maud loves camping and is excited about spending time in the woods with Wilf and his werewolf family. It's a full moon, and the Beast of Oddington is on the loose -- what could...

  • The sixth book in the terrifyingly terrific Monstrous Maud series When Maud decides to learn advanced sorcery for the talent show, her spells spin out of control. Now Maud has to work out how to do reverse magic to fix her mix-up -- before t...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A.B. Saddlewick has published 6 books.

A.B. Saddlewick does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Horror Holiday, was published in October 2013.

The first book by A.B. Saddlewick, Big Fright, was published in April 2013.

Yes. A.B. Saddlewick has 1 series.