Worlds in Chaos
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    Previously released story collection
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Science Fiction / SF 2.5 Buy
Science Fiction / SF 2 Buy
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    "TWO EPIC NOVELS BY A NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR TOGETHER IN ONE VOLUME: Cradle of Saturn and The Legend That Was Earth. Earth is in danger from cosmic catastrophe and alien overlords.

     Two classic novels from a best-selling master of SF.

    Cradle of Saturn
    Discoveries made by colonists on the moons of Saturn show that the Solar System has undergone repeated cataclysms and the last was only a few thousand years. This flies in the face of accepted scientific dogma, and is dismissed by Earth’s authorities—until the planet Jupiter suddenly emits a white-hot Earth-sized protoplanet that hurtles sunward on a collision course with Earth.

    The Legend That Was Earth
    The alien Hyadeans have showered high-tech gifts on the population of Earth and are offering to make a paradise of the planet. But when wealthy socialite Roland Cade discovers the dark underbelly of the alien presence, and learns that his ex-wife is one of the so-called terrorists who are fighting against the alien takeover, he’s forced to choose sides. Soon, he’s caught up in a terrifying conflict that threatens the very existence of the Earth. 

    About Cradle of Saturn:
    ""Hogan’s clearly explained scientific hypotheses presents intriguing questions, and his characters are real and likable . . . the suspenseful plot will keep readers strapped in for this ride."" —Publishers Weekly

    "". . . there’s no denying [Hogan’s] ability to tell a story. . . . The reader who felt that films such as Deep Impact, Armageddon and When Worlds Collide were for wimps might want to jump on this one."" —Starlog
    About The Legend That Was Earth:
    ""Hard SF readers [will] appreciate Hogan’s energetic narrative, engaging characters and stirkingly real presentation of a plausible immediate future."" —Publishers Weekly

    "". . . on the cutting edge of technology . . . Hogan’s talent carries the reader from peak to peak in the story."" —Booklist

    "". . . fascinating notions and nonstop plot twists in a taut, gripping narrative."" —Kirkus Reviews