What Are Friends For, Volume 2
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    Previously released story collection
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Romance / R 0 Buy
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    Her Mr. Wrong [Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] Amy Dooley is no one''s fool. She knows Slade is out of her league. He''s slick, rich, and sexy as hell. Trouble with a capital T. There''s no doubt in her mind his interest in her won''t last longer than it would take for him to get her into bed. Slade''s insistent and finds ways to bring them together, and Amy doesn''t know how long she can keep pushing him away. Or if she really wants to. Slade Jacobs hasn''t been able to get Amy Dooley out of his mind since the night he met her at his friend''s wedding. Of course, that could have something to do with the scorching kiss they shared. He needs to explore the desire he feels for her. Since she won''t see him willingly he has to get a little creative in finding opportune moments to run into her. ** The Way He Looks at Me [Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, voyeurism, HEA] Karen Stacey knew she should''ve listened to her friends about getting a new car since hers kept dying, but then she wouldn''t be getting rescued by the sexiest man she''s ever laid eyes on. Even though going off with a stranger is against every safety rule she''d been taught, when Blue looks at her with those intense blue eyes, she agrees to let him take her into town to wait for a tow truck. She probably would have agreed to a lot more than that. Blue Collins would never leave a woman in distress. Offering to take Karen to his bar to wait for her friend to come and get her was one thing, but taking her upstairs to see his private apartment is something else. Kissing her is a risk he has to take. When she kisses him back, he is willing to do whatever he can to get more. ** A Siren Erotic Romance