Wanton Winter
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    Previously released story collection
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General Fiction / GF 5 Buy
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  • Description:
    Stranger In My Stocking Cheyenne McCray
    When Alyson Charmaine is snowbound in a hotel in New York City due to a freak blizzard, she sees a gorgeous stranger that she wouldn't mind cuddling up to. What she doesn't expect is to find him in her suite. Naked. Greg Ellington wished he'd made a move on that gorgeous blonde he'd seen in the lounge of the hotel. After enjoying a hot shower, he steps out to find that very same blonde in his suite wearing nothing but a red thong and bra. When the power goes out, they find themselves in one another's arms, and Alyson makes the decision of her life to enjoy this stranger to the hilt.

    Forever, Blue Eyes Daisy Dexter Dobbs
    Betsy knew better than to get mixed up with a serviceman during wartime. But she lost all rational thought when she met Johnny and the charming Army private turned her world upside down. The few precious days they shared before he shipped out on Christmas Eve were infused with more passion than most couples experience in a lifetime. One final night of sizzling hot sex bound their hearts together forever. Johnny promised Betsy he'd come back to her and he will keep that vow...somehow...in some way.

    Pictures of You Shelby Reed
    Still picking up the pieces of a broken heart, the last thing Keira Hanson wants to do is fall in lust again, especially with Thad Warner, the gorgeous and frequently nude figure model for her drawing class. But Keir is a woman in her prime, and Thad is warm, funny and beguiling. Their friendship and subtle flirtations slide under her defenses, awakening sultry fantasies she'd thought safely tucked away. Soon their provocative give-and-take is no longer just the stuff of fantasies, but filled with erotic promise...and all Keir has to do is say the word. Will she turn aside the chance for sheer ecstasy to protect her fragile heart, or let down her guard and see what awaits her in Thad Warner's arms?

    Nutcracker Prince Katherine Cross
    It's Christmas Eve and Claire Jacobs has come to see the annual performance of The Nutcracker. Lulled by the familiar music and choreography, she has no idea that she will soon be swept out of her world and into one like nothing she has ever known...and into the arms of two very different men. Erik and Adam have been members of the Company for decades. As immortal muses, it is their job to inspire others through magic and dance. One look at Claire, however, and they are inspired themselves to put aside their long feud and convince her to join them forever. They have one evening to seduce Claire body and soul through tender touches and hard commands. But Claire has a few ideas of her own and plans to get all three of them on equal footing...both in bed and out.