Two Tales of Love and Suspense
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    Previously released story collection
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    Midnight's Last Light Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, ghosts, HEA] Sequestering herself in the house she inherited after her film producer father's death, Madi finds the long-abandoned guest house alive with activity. Once a film star, Chuck is embroiled in a suspense thriller of his own. Muscular and devastatingly handsome, he has no idea that the film, Midnight's Last Light, was completed without him. Can Madi help Chuck solve the mystery surrounding his death? She gives her heart, body, and soul to the enigmatic ghost. The reality of his death unites the clandestine lovers, ushering them into a tango of mystery and ecstasy. Can death dissolve their passion, or will a portal allow love to reign? Love holds no boundaries. The dimension between life and death cannot restrain their lust. On their quest, Madi learns to live again, as Chuck is resolved to accept his destiny. Their twisting bodies writhe with an unearthly heat. Will the portal allow the inferno of love to continue? ** Return to Summer's Pond Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense, HEA] Small towns hold many secrets. Ben Gordon spent five years in jail for the murder of Katherine Summers. He returns to clear his name, pursuing clues left unturned. Why would Sue Summers help Ben solve the mystery of her sister's death? Sue finds intrigue and danger in the stranger. Breaking the boredom of small-town life, Sue teams up with him. The pair discover that passion, murder, and mystery do mix. John Carter, a forlorn lover, mourns the loss of Katherine. He stalks the team of amateur sleuths while protecting his own secret past. Can he release the power Kate has over him? What other skeletons pop out of cemeteries and closets in this mining town? Can lust turn to passion, or is it an illusion based on the thrill of the chase? ** A Siren Erotic Romance