Torrid Seductions
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    Previously released story collection
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    "TORRID HEARTS Contemporary Erotic Romance]: Sarah Bennet is long past romance and fairy tales and the so called ""happily ever after."" World-weary and man-weary, she wants nothing to do with the fascinating man at the edge of her stripper's stage, despite her attraction. Drago has no idea what drew him to the club, until he sees Sarah take the stage and knows instantly this is the woman his heart has waited for. Determined to get his way, he engages her in an emotional game of cat and mouse. Soon the roles seem to reverse themselves. He's no longer sure which of them is the cat and which is the mouse Desperate to have her, he blackmails Sarah with the one thing he knows she cannot resist. Reluctantly, she agrees to an arrangement and accompanies Drago to his home for the summer - only to find that surrender has never been so sweet. ***** THE SEDUCTION OF CASSIDY FLINT Contemporary Erotic Romance/includes a menage a trois scene of M/F/F]: Twelve years after her no-good ex walked out on her, Cassidy Flint is slowly coming to realize that life is passing her by. Problem is, she has no idea what to do about it. Lucky for her, Aiden Grand, her sexy new boss, has a few creative ideas bound to help with her dilemma. Though an affair with Cassidy breaks all the rules, Aiden is willing to risk it for the opportunity to awaken her sexuality and introduce her to all the pleasures and sensations of seduction. The fact that he suspects she will alleviate some of his perpetual loneliness has nothing to do with it. Temptation becomes seduction, seduction becomes passion, but will that be enough to convince a man afraid of love and a woman afraid of passion to build a life that will last forever?"