Three Books of Known Space
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    Previously released story collection
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Science Fiction / SF 4 Buy
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Science Fiction / SF 4 Buy
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    Let three complete books in one take you on a dazzling journey into science fiction''s most famous future history: Known Space!

    World of Ptavvs
    Kzanol was a thrint from a distant galaxy. He had been trapped on Earth in a time-stasis field for two billion years. Now he was on the loose, and telepath Larry Greenberg knew everything he was thinking. Thrints lived to plunder and enslave lesser planets . . . and the planet Kzanol had in mind was Earth!

    A Gift from Earth
    Shrouded in lethal mists, the world named Mount Lookitthat was never meant for humans. Life existed only on one plateau, unreachable except from space. But still the planet had been colonized, and the settlers struggled to survive under a ruthless dictatorship on a rebellion-proof world . . . until fate dealt them a wild card named Matthew Keller, whose secret talent might just be their only hope!

    Tales of Known Space
    A classic collection of stories that traces humankind''s expansion and colonization throughout the galaxy from the twentieth century to the thirty-first . . .

    And more: Larry Niven''s latest thoughts on the evolution—both creative and “historical”—of known space, as well as an updated Timeline of Known Space and a complete Niven bibliography!