The Xephon Alliance, Volume 1
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    Previously released story collection
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Fantasy Romance / FR 0 Buy
Fantasy Romance / FR 0 Buy
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    Time Slip Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, time travel, HEA] The Xephons and Tarourkes have just come to the end of a long and bitter war that has made their shared planet temporaraly uninhabitable. While the new human allies from Earth help the Xephons clean up their home world, two ships from Earth and Xephon are temporarily lost in a strange tunnel anomoly. Thinking there is no way back home, the Xephon Captain begins pairing the human females off with his male crew members. Kash Ryder has her first two relationships annulled and she thinks that's the end of it, until Captain pairs her off again with the dark and mysterious ship's engineer, Tinny of Xephon. When Kash has a foolish accident with Tinny's time machine, he ends up being the only person she can rely on to pull her back to reality. Suddenly Tinny's not so easy to ignore, and Kash is forced to see him in a whole new light. ** Time Out BookStrand Sci-Fi Romance, HEA] When the moody Xephon star pilot Chitra is temporarily posted to a rehabilitation farm for horses on Earth, he finds himself unexpectedly fighting the exotic Earth woman Sabine Winters for the guardianship of his young nephew. If only she weren't so distractingly beautiful, then things would be so much easier Sabine, the child's maternal aunt, is not what she appears to be on the outside-she's hiding links to Chitra's home world that could shatter the tenuous bond that is growing between them. She's all too aware how volatile the situation could become if Chitra finds out who and what she really is. Only family pressure keeps her on task, despite her nagging doubts. She attempts to abscond with her nephew but is caught in a dangerous situation that only Chitra can help her out of. But if she asks for his help, he will discover her darkest secret. ** A Siren Erotic Romance