Star Hunter & Voodoo Planet
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    Previously released story collection
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    This enhanced edition of two of Andre Norton's classic science fiction novellas has been enhanced for your reading pleasure. Just what is an “enhanced edition?” We have enhanced it in the following ways:- expert formatting so it looks great on your Kindle- a clickable table of contents- a biography of Andre Norton- an extensive bibliography of her works- an essay on the history of science fictionTWO COMPLETE SPACE ADVENTURE NOVELSPLANET OF ALIEN MONSTERS....Somewheres on the jungle world of Jumala, there was a man in hiding—a man whose mind had been reconditioned with another's brain pattern and for whom there was a fabulous reward. STAR HUNTER is a thrill-packed account of that other-worldly game of hide-and-seek between a man who did not know all his own powers and an interstellar safari that sought something no man had a right to find....PLANET OF MIND MAGICIANS....Dane Thorson of the space-trader Solar Queen found himself embroiled in a desperate battle of minds between the rational science of the spaceways and the hypnotic witchcraft of the mental wizard that ruled the VOODOO PLANET.Here is a double prize-package of Andre Norton space treasures!From Voodoo PlanetFrom between the two shuffling dancers padded something on four feet. The canine-feline creature was more than just a head; it was a loose-limbed, graceful body fully eight feet in length, and the red eyes in the prick-eared head were those of a killer.... Words issued from between those curved fangs, words which Dane might not understand....Dane slid his blade out surreptitiously, setting its point against the palm of his hand and jabbing painfully; but the terrible creature continued to advance.... There was no blurring of its lines....Dane Thorson of the space-ship Solar Queen knew there was only one way to win out over this hideous thing—a battle to the end between his rational mind and the hypnotic witchcraft of Lumbrilo, the mental wizard of the planet Khatka.CAST OF CHARACTERS from VOODOO PLANETDane Thorson - He wanted to spend a short vacation on Khatka, not the rest of his life.Medic Tau - Was he physician or magician—or a little bit of both?Chief Ranger Asaki - Tracking the forests had taught him that mad animals—whether real or imaginary—were to be feared.Captain Jellico - Would his knowledge of alien life-forms help him in his fight against alien ghosts?Nymani - Not even this pilot's most scientific skill could overcome a voodoo charm's ground-drag.Lumbrilo - On his own planet he was a witch doctor; on Earth he'd have been a master politician.