Soul Screamers, Volume Three
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    Previously released story collection
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Urban Fantasy / UF 4.5 Buy
Urban Fantasy / UF 4 Buy
Urban Fantasy / UF 4.5 Buy
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    What happens when the reapers come for Kaylee? 

    Don''t miss Volume Three of New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent''s compelling, spellbinding Soul Screamers series. 

    IF I DIE 

    Thanks to her mother''s sacrifice, Kaylee Cavanaugh has lived most of her life on borrowed time, but now that borrowed time is almost up. Kaylee has only seven days left to prepare for the end. To say goodbye. And yeah, to stop an incubus from preying on her high school. Tick tock… 


    First time in print! 

    Sophie Cavanaugh is sick of the social fallout from her cousin Kaylee''s mental issues. Doesn''t she realize people think "crazy" runs in the family? But then a cute boy, a fateful scream and a trip to a nightmare world leave Sophie wondering just what''s real—and how to get home…. 


    Dying wasn''t easy for Kaylee, but faking life is a whole new kind of struggle. The only good moments are those spent in Tod''s arms. But death hasn''t stopped her old enemies, and now everyone Kaylee loves is in danger….  

    Soul Screamers 

    The last thing you hear before you die