Sinful Gentlemen
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    Previously released story collection
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Historical Romance / HR 4 Buy
Historical Romance / HR 3.5 Buy
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    The Manuscript [Siren Classic: Erotic Regency Romance] Claire Fallon is destitute and desperate. Reluctantly, she agrees to become the mistress of the reclusive but deliciously handsome Viscount Ranleigh, even though the man has absolutely no idea she has been hired to warm his bed. Much to her chagrin, another part of her duties involves translating an ancient manuscript that ends up being little more than an apothecary''s guide to recipes for sexual adventure...Justin Howard has made a mistake, and he has paid a price. His wife is a promiscuous tart he can''t escape...or can he? After his new assistant arrives to help him with his scientific experiments, he finds Claire not only opens a world of sensuous and uninhibited delights, but a determination to free himself from a situation that he can no longer tolerate. A scientist and an ingnue prove love matters more than scandal, and it is possible to find some intriguing ideas for passion in The Manuscript... ** Midnight Without a Moon [Siren Classic: Erotic Regency Romance] Trenton Wyatt usually disdains gossip, but when it involves the younger sister of one of his best friends, he is forced to interfere before disaster strikes. Rescuing her from suspicious revenue officers by pretending she is his mistress brings both scandal and the wrath of her family down on his head, and before he knows what''s happening, he is forced to wed the very beautiful, very reckless Jessica. Finally having the attention of the man of her dreams isn''t exactly the fantasy Jessica Fairman imagined. For one thing, her arrogant new husband is both controlling and difficult to know...except, of course, sexually. In that way, the infamous rake performs predictably with exquisite skill and tireless passion, filling her nights-and days-with unbelievable pleasure. An unexpected union binds an aristocratic rogue and a determined young woman together in the dangerous darkness of midnight without a moon... ** A Siren Erotic Romance