Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tale Collection
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    Previously released story collection
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List of Titles

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    Enjoy twists and surprising turns in this erotic collection of sexy love stories based on seven classic fairy tales. There are plenty of romantic interludes and scorching sex that will touch your heart and warm your coldest nights. ***** In Gracie C. McKeever's Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess, a shape-shifter philanthropist is critically injured, and only the kiss of his princess can bring him out of his coma. ** In Morgan Ashbury's Beau and the Lady Beast, she has a beastly reputation, and he is so gorgeous he could have any woman. Can roguish Beau win the heart of the untouchable Lady Beast? ** In Sage Burnett's Under Tanner's Thumb, what happens when a woman who's just been stood up finds a two-inch tall man on her porch with a voice that could melt the darkest chocolate? ** In Lara Santiago's Little Red Rides the Wolf, Cheri brings goodies across the galaxy to her grampa as Caine Wolver eagerly awaits her arrival, but Hunter interferes and takes this Little Red on the wrong path. ** In Emma Wildes' The Merman, does Lady Cynthia Lucas hear a phantom lover calling to her in the night, or is it a magical illusion and just the sighing whisper of the seductive wind? ** In Tonya Ramagos' Kinsey and the Exotic Dancing Princess, to become rich, Kinsey must tell the king that Princess Damita spends her nights as an exotic dancer, but will he be richer with Damita as his lover? ** In Samantha Lucas' Tower of Secrets, after one look, Sebastian wants Marina, a proverbial Rapunzel imprisoned in her father's castle, but can their love overcome a tower full of deceitful secrets?