Nanoware Time / The Persistence of Vision
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    Previously released story collection
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Science Fiction / SF 4.5 Buy
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    NANOWARE TIME The aliens came from Beta Hydri, bearing gifts for Earth: microscopic machines called "nanoware." Injected into the human bloodstream, they would open powerful realms of inner space. But even the aliens admitted there were demons in that inner space; demons that might be summoned to do humans' bidding, then-in theory-banished back to their realm. Earth accepted this gift, with misgivings; the nanoware volunteers were sent to the far side of the Moon. And even there, Earth wasn't sure how safe they'd be when the alien demons broke loose... A new SF adventure of cosmic dimensions from the author of The Embedding and The Martian Inca, complete and unabridged for the first time! THE PERSISTENCE OF VISION Five thousand children were born deaf and blind after the rubella epidemic; five thousand innocent victims with no apparent future. They might have spent their lives in helpless isolation, but for Janet Reilly-who sought a way to make a full life for herself and those like her. After heroic battles with their would-be caretakers, fifty-five of them moved to New Mexico and began the struggle to build their own community. Ten years later, a man from the outside world stumbled through their gate...and learned how little eyes and ears were really worth.