Erotic Fantasies Come True
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    Previously released story collection
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Romance / R 0 Buy
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    Magnificent Abandon Siren Classic: Erotic Romance] Finding your first one night stand at your sister's wedding would unnerve anyone. Trisha stood before the man she'd once given herself to freely years before. She felt her cheeks heat at the thought of how she allowed him to love her so unconventionally, accepting his hand and asking for more. Charlie enjoyed his life filled with travel, new projects and always a predetermined time frame. His best friend's wedding should have been a quick side trip, but his introduction to the bride's sister changed the dynamic. The instant attraction they felt for each other was still static in the air around them. ** Lust or Love Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] Carly was careful not to contact Glen after their one night of passion, accepting his affections without guilt, rationalizing their encounter as exploration. She left him without saying goodbye, wanting more but afraid he wasn't ready for commitment. She didn't anticipate the desire she'd still feel for him a year later. Glen throws himself into his work after his ex-wife's betrayal, determined never to give his heart away again. But after one night of amazing sexual abandon with Carly, he can't stop fantasizing about her. When he sees her at his brother's wedding a year later, he's overwhelmed by the memories they share, the way she felt, smelled, tasted... After the weekend festivities are over, Carly fears Glen will return to his private world, one she doesn't think she belongs in. But now Glen is reluctant to walk away when Carly has him so mesmerized. This time around, are they ready to determine whether it's lust or love they're feeling? ** A Siren Erotic Romance