Codes and Roses
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    Previously released story collection
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Paranormal Romance / PNR 0 Buy
Paranormal Romance / PNR 0 Buy
Paranormal Romance / PNR 0 Buy
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    Codes and Roses features three stories about the denizens of the Bloodrose, a club that pairs up supernatural creatures for the optimum sexual experience. In An Itch to Scratch, werewolf Deke hopes club owner Jonny can find him someone to satisfy his needs. Kasey seems to be the perfect vampire for the task of scratching Deke's itch. In The Werewolf Code, Deke and Kasey work together in Kasey's PI agency to solve the problem of a rogue shapeshifter. Throw in a crazy scientist and a cool blonde, and the boys have plenty of trouble on their hands. Can they break the Werewolf Code? Finally, in Belling the Cat, club owner Jonny gets his own chance at happiness, thanks in part to the privileged clients of the Bloodrose. When werecat Luc tries to steal some of Jonny's files, things go haywire, and Jonny, along with Deke and Kasey, has to save the day! From supernatural beings to erotic adventures, Codes and Roses promises a hot, bumpy ride, where no one is exactly as they seem, and love comes easier in the dark than it does in the daytime.