Caveman Love
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    Previously released story collection
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    Busy [Siren Allure: Erotic Pre-historic Romance, F/F elements] Gem has kept her parent's home fire burning for many years. Now she is old enough to pick a mate and the man she has chosen, Og, is too busy. She has done everything she can think of to entice him to her sleeping pallet, but he continues to be too busy. What Gem doesn't know is Og wants to mate with her and has been hunting for the best skins to offer to her father. Gem's father, Tog, is greedy and wants only the best skins before he will give his daughter away. Tog drags her to a different cave hoping to sell her there, but the man who offers for Gem is a poor hunter and Tog is offended when the skins he shows are tattered and torn. Will the skins Og presents to Tog be perfect enough to please the old man? Will Og always be too busy for Gem or will Gem win out in the end? ** Let [Siren Allure: Erotic Pre-historic Romance, interracial, with F/F] Clan rules make it clear that Cia and Let may not mate until Let is eighteen. The lovers are anxious to couple and spend any chance they get making love without penetration. If the elders find Cia has mated with Let before he is of age, she will not be allowed to take him as a mate nor will she be allowed to have her own clan. The waiting has become impossible, and Let takes matters into his own hands. They will mate fully--the elders be damned. Will the lovers get caught in a compromising situation? Will Let be the lover Cia has dreamed about? Will he be angry because he is untried and Cia has been having sex with other men in order to be a perfect mate? What will Cia have to do to prove her strength in order to lead her own clan? ** Sin [Siren Allure: Erotic Pre-historic Romance, interracial, with M/M] Sin isn't the bad boy his name implies, but when he is near sexy, young Em, he has a hard time controlling his body. She makes him feel very sinful. His problem with Em is she is not quite mating age, and her father would kill him if he catches the two together. Soon, a volcanic eruption sends the clan running for their lives. With death threatening, Sin takes advantage of Em's father's distraction one night to mate with a more-than-willing Em. When Em's father finds out they've mated, he beats her. Sin rescues Em, throws her father to the ground and claims her for life. The eruption kills most of the clan, but Sin has found a high cave with a route through the mountain to a new valley. He leads Em, his best friend, Let, and Let's mate, Ria, to safety where they begin a new life. ** A Siren Erotic Romance