At the Lake
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    Previously released story collection
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General Fiction / GF 0 Buy
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    "Dizzy''s Story [Menage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, diphallia, spanking, sex toys, HEA for M/F] Dizzy Benson is a free-spirited woman who follows her own path. Her hair looks like it has been styled with a tornado, and she is short and chunky. But she is also brilliant and owns her own company. Dizzy is looking for someone special to share herself and life with, someone big and hunky and rich enough that she doesn''t have to worry about being taken for her money. She meets Jon Drake, a real estate broker with a killer smile. He certainly doesn''t look like a man who would come on to a woman bigger than a size zero, but he sees Dizzy and decides she would be just what he wanted, smart, independent, and sexy as hell. They find out that they have much more in common than either one of them dreamed. Jon has a ""special"" surprise for Dizzy, and she loves it. When his brother arrives unexpectedly, Jon and Dizzy have a healing birthday gift for him. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. ** Morgan''s Story [Siren Classic: Erotic Rubenesque Consensual BDSM Romance, whipping, sex toys, HEA] Morgan Daniels is an independent woman that found out she has a brother. Then she finds out the hard way that her entire life has been a lie. Now she has the fairy-tale family, but to accept it she will have to give up the lie of her former life. Cary Schultz is her brother''s best friend. He demands that she take the love that everyone wants to give her, including his own. When she becomes reckless with her life and steps in front of him while guns are pointed at them, Cary lets his inventive Dominant nature take over. She is fearless and reckless and completely his-once he convinces her, that is. ** A Siren Erotic Romance"