Always an Eaton
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    Previously released story collection
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Contemporary Romance / CR 4 Buy
Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
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    Two classic Eaton family novels from national bestselling author ROCHELLE ALERS


    Chandra Eaton can''t believe she left her journals—containing very private, very erotic dreams she''s been having for the past two years—in a Philly taxicab. Her embarrassment turns to intrigue when Preston Tucker finds and returns them. The soulful playwright fires up Chandra''s body and her mind. It''s an irresistible combination, until she starts to suspect that he''s just using her for creative inspiration.

    Preston has spent years running from relationships. Chandra''s journals captivate his imagination, for sure, but it''s the intelligent, sensual woman behind them who really fascinates him. Now he has to find a way to win back her trust before she brings the curtain down on their affair for good.


    Denise Eaton is proud of the day-care business she built from scratch. But now the scion of this Philadelphia family dynasty could lose everything. The man who holds the key to her future? None other than Rhett Ferrell, the man she passionately loved in college…and who broke her heart.

    Rhett has waited six years to take his sweet revenge. Now the legendary corporate raider is about to have Denise right where he wants her—at his mercy and in his bed. He''s never forgiven her for walking out and taking up with his most hated enemy. But he''s also never forgotten the desire that still burns so hotly, so irresistibly between them. That''s when Rhett plots one final conquest: to take over Denise''s heart. And he''s a man who plays to win….