All for Love
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    Previously released story collection
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    *** 5 Stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews. 5 Hearts, The Romance Studio. *** ALL OR NOTHING The Heroes of Silver Springs 4 Erotic Contemporary Romance] Two people in love, struggling to hold onto careers they cherish without losing each other. Can they have it all or will they be left with nothing? When an injury threatens to end Tripp's firefighting career, he refuses to throw away the life he cherishes. But is that life with the fire department or with Bailey? *** LOVE ME TIMES THREE Erotic Contemporary Fantasy Romance] A love of equal parts, that's the spell the Goddess Freya cast on Cayman Porter, someone to love him equally by the powers of three and end his womanizing ways. But karma proves to be a pain when the only woman on Cayman's radar already shot him down more times than he can count.