A Complex Endure ~ Soorain Vahie

A Complex Endure by Soorain Vahie

Complex Endure is a spellbinding story of the life of a young professional, who struggles to achieve an infantile sworn resolve with an involved family’s wishes. As he works his way up the corporate ladder he tangles his relationships with his childhood sweetheart: The author prudently defines the friction when the traditional collides with the modern. Written with a fond admiration for the Indian culture, the book explicates the value of arranged marriages and the apprehension of an adolescent before her marriage. It captures the core issues in a marriage and a genuine attempt by two people in love to solve these, in spite of the hurt, leaving the two young hearts, reminiscence of a vision, reverie devoid of compassion, time a complex succor for refashioning departed moments, bygone memories.. much a complex endure.

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