Sharon Dunn

A year after they were married, Sharon and her husband, Michael, took off on an adventure. They rode a motorcycle around Australia for four months. Now, twenty-two years and three kids later, most of the adventures last an afternoon. Museums, hot springs and waterslides are all worthwhile outings. Sharon is one cat away from being a crazy cat lady; she has three cats.

Her love for mystery and suspense began in the fifth grade, when she found a whole set of Nancy Drew mysteries with pink covers in the school library. Sharon is the author of five humorous mysteries that were written for Christian readers. Her second book in her Ruby Taylor mystery series was voted book of the year by American Christian Fiction Writers.

Sharon has a bachelor's degree in film production and a master's degree in history. She loves old movies like Double Indemnity and anything by Frank Capra or Alfred Hitchcock. She enjoys reading all kinds of books but is partial to the nonfiction of C. S. Lewis. She loves to hear from readers. You can contact her through her Web site.

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