Eric's Big Day ~ Rod Waters

Eric's Big Day by Rod Waters

It s a big day for Eric, the day of the bike race. His knapsack packed, Eric rides to Emily s for a picnic near the finish. But what s that splashing in the river? A very wet bike racer Who s that sobbing by the street sign? A lost rider

Eric pauses to aid wayward bike racers with useful items from his knapsack, but will he be late to see the finish? The cheers of a crowd surprise Eric, but where oh where is Emily?

"Eric s Big Day" is a colorful adventure on wheels for children 4-8. Full of fun and authentic cycling flavor, you and your kids will enjoy this lighthearted tale of a boy who helps others and finds himself a winner, all while simply meeting a friend for a picnic."

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Rod Waters Book List


Apr-2014 (hardcover)

28 pages

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Kids (12 & Under)




General Fiction