Dazzling Brightness ~ Roberta Gellis

Dazzling Brightness by Roberta Gellis

From the mists of timeless legend... an enchanting, unforgettable tale of passion, intrigue and adventure that brings two mythical lovers magnificently to life...

HE was Lord of the Underworld, cast down by the gods into a kingdom of everlasting darkness. SHE was born with mystical powers in a place of eternal light. And somewhere between the shadows and the sun was a world of treachery, danger, and unending desire...

Against the savage splendor of Ancient Greece... from the exalted mountaintops of Olympus to a glittering midnight realm... they would defy the gods themselves to make their heaven right here on earth with a love that would blaze forever in... DAZZLING BRIGHTNESS

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446 pages

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Ancient Greece




Paranormal Romance


Romance - General