Rick Riordan Series List      


The Heroes of Olympus

Action AdventureAug-2012 Buy
Action AdventureMay-2014 Buy
1 Action AdventureJul-2010 Buy
2 Action AdventureOct-2011 Buy
3 Action AdventureOct-2012 Buy
4 Action AdventureOct-2013 Buy
5 Action AdventureOct-2014 Buy

The Kane Chronicles

Action AdventureMar-2012 Buy
FantasyJun-2013 Buy
1 Action AdventureMay-2010 Buy
2 Action AdventureMay-2011 Buy
3 Action AdventureMay-2012 Buy

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

1 Action AdventureOct-2015 Buy

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Action AdventureFeb-2009 Buy
Action AdventureAug-2012 Buy
FantasyJun-2013 Buy
(ss) FantasySep-2013 Buy
1 Action AdventureJul-2005 Buy
2 Action AdventureApr-2006 Buy
3 Action AdventureMay-2007 Buy
4 Action AdventureMay-2008 Buy
5 Action AdventureMay-2009 Buy
6 Action AdventureJul-2010 Buy
7 Action AdventureOct-2011 Buy
8 Action AdventureOct-2012 Buy
9 Action AdventureOct-2013 Buy
10 Action AdventureOct-2014 Buy

Tres Navarre

1 Private InvestigatorJun-1997 Buy
2 Private InvestigatorMay-1998 Buy
3 Private InvestigatorJan-2000 Buy
4 Private InvestigatorJun-2001 Buy
5 Private InvestigatorMay-2004 Buy
6 Private InvestigatorJun-2005 Buy
7 Private InvestigatorSep-2007 Buy