Scandalous ~ Patricia Burroughs

Scandalous by Patricia Burroughs

The Perfect Gentleman with a Wild Streak...

Christopher Quincy Maitland was charming, handsome, a golden boy who could always be counted on to do the right thing--until the delectably brazen seductress Paisley Vandermeir tempted him to go looking for trouble! The Vandermeir women were notorious for loving unwisely but well, just as Paisley's aunt had once dazzled his grandfather. Paisley knew she was expected to scandalize proper society, and hoped that once she did the deed, they'd leave her alone... but were all the good scandals taken? Chris found the sweetly reckless vamp intriguing, intoxicating, and deliciously dangerous, but when Paisley decided that throwing herself at Chris--an engaged man--would be her dreadful indiscretion, she was shocked to find him her willing partner in crime! She never expected to feel such irresistible longing, nor he such desire and need. Chris had pierced her armor and made her confess her dreams, but would he slay her dragons and share her happily-ever-after?

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Contemporary Romance


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