Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson was born in 1973. She obtained an Arts Degree majoring in Music and English before doing a Masters in Library Studies. She worked in London for a couple of years where she met her future husband, other New Zelander. After another couple of years in London and Edinburgh they did return home to New Zealand to settle down and have babies - four in five years. The second child, was a boy who decided not to sleep. She need some form of escapism - and started writing a romance novel. She did the final revisions to her manuscript from a hospital bed. Just after having an emergency cesarean section (twins), her husband brought her the e-mail from her editor. The publisher Mills & Boon, liked the previous revisions Natalie had already made and there was a slot for publication—but she had to have the rewrites done in a week. “So there I was, hooked up to the IV, on massive painkillers, manually expressing every two hours while my babies were locked away in ICU,” she says. But her husband thought that it was a good idea to go for it, so he brought in his brother’s laptop and Natalie went to work. She delivered the revisions that Friday. By Monday she was back at home and finally got The Call and she heard the magic words in that English accent: “We want to buy your book.” Natalie has been writing seriously for only about two years. But since she started she’s written every night and every day of the week after her two children—and now her newborn twins—went to bed. She joined the Community boards in 2005, researching, participating and becoming addicted to the online reads. But Natalie says the best thing she found on the site was her critique partner, Jude.

Natalie lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with her gorgeous husband and their four fabulous children.

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