Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay was born in the United States, but just as he was turning four, his parents moved to Canada, settling in a cottage resort and trailer park in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. But when Linwood was 16, his father died, and he essentially took over running the family business. In 1981, he joined the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest circulation newspaper. For twelve years he held a variety of editing positions, then became the paper’s humor columnist in 1993. A few thousand columns later, he retired from the paper in 2008 to write books full-time.

After writing four comic thrillers featuring the character Zack Walker, Linwood turned to darker, standalone novels, starting with No Time for Goodbye, which became an international hit and has been optioned for film by Eric McCormack. Since then, all of Linwood’s novels have appeared on bestseller lists.

Linwood studied English Literature at Trent University. It was at Trent where he met his wife Neetha. They have been married more than thirty years, and have two children.

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