Leanne Banks Series List      


The Bellagio Shoe Company

1 Contemporary RomanceSep-2005 Buy
2 Contemporary RomanceMar-2006 Buy
3 Contemporary RomanceSep-2006 Buy

The Billionaires Club

1 SD-1863Contemporary RomanceApr-2008 Buy
2 SD-1886Contemporary RomanceAug-2008 Buy
3 SD-1939Contemporary RomanceMay-2009 Buy

How to Catch a Princess

1 SD-1058Contemporary RomanceMar-1997 Buy
2 SD-1070Contemporary RomanceMay-1997 Buy
3 SD-1082Contemporary RomanceJul-1997 Buy

Lone Star Families: The Logans

1 SD-1267Contemporary RomanceJan-2000 Buy
2 SD-1280Contemporary RomanceMar-2000 Buy
3 SD-1292Contemporary RomanceMay-2000 Buy

Masters Brothers

1 SSE-983Contemporary RomanceSep-1995 Buy
2 SSE-1028Contemporary RomanceMay-1996 Buy

The Medici Men

1 SD-1939Contemporary RomanceMay-2009 Buy
2 SD-1987Contemporary RomanceJan-2010 Buy
3 SD-1995Contemporary RomanceFeb-2010 Buy
4 SD-2002Contemporary RomanceMar-2010 Buy

Million-Dollar Men

1 SD-1338Contemporary RomanceDec-2000 Buy
2 SD-1352Contemporary RomanceMar-2001 Buy
3 SD-1370Contemporary RomanceJun-2001 Buy

The Pendletons

1 LS-592Contemporary RomanceJan-1993 Buy
2 LS-648Contemporary RomanceNov-1993 Buy
3 LS-673Contemporary RomanceMar-1994 Buy
4 LS-696Contemporary RomanceJul-1994 Buy
5 LS-794Contemporary RomanceJul-1996 Buy

Royal Babies

1 SSE-2198Contemporary RomanceJul-2012 Buy
2 SSE-2216Contemporary RomanceOct-2012 Buy
3 SSE-2247Contemporary RomanceMar-2013 Buy
4 SSE-2373Contemporary RomanceDec-2014 Buy

The Royal Dumonts

1 (ss) Contemporary RomanceJul-2001 Buy
2 SD-1400Contemporary RomanceNov-2001 Buy
3 SD-1435Contemporary RomanceMay-2002 Buy
4 SD-1515Contemporary RomanceJun-2003 Buy

The Rulebreakers

1 SD-1166Contemporary RomanceSep-1998 Buy
2 SD-1172Contemporary RomanceOct-1998 Buy
3 SD-1179Contemporary RomanceNov-1998 Buy

Sisters Trilogy

1 Contemporary RomanceFeb-2003 Buy
2 Contemporary RomanceNov-2003 Buy
3 Contemporary RomanceMar-2009 Buy