Kylie Adams

Nobody writes novels that are Hot Wild Crazy Sexy Cool like USA TODAY bestselling author Kylie Adams. Her books are bubbling over with steamy passion, state-of-the-trend glamour, wicked humor, and beautiful people living life so fast that 100 mph is standing still. Her books have been translated into several languages, and she is known for giving her readers a savvy insider's knowledge of the habits, haunts, and histrionics of not only the gorgeously privileged but the nakedly ambitious wannabes nipping at their Jimmy Choo heels. Major influences include Jackie Collins, whose HOLLYWOOD WIVES inspired Kylie to become a writer, and Jacqueline Susann, whose VALLEY OF THE DOLLS inspired Kylie to actually finish her first novel, an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink disaster that was NEVER published! Kylie lives in the Southeast. Her hobbies include exercise, spoiled pets, celebrity gossip, building iPod playlists, Blackberry obsessing, TiVo viewing management, telling friends and family what to do with their lives/relationships, and planning the decor for a dream condo.

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